Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So Many Blessings

We emptied our blessings jar during dinner tonight and took turns reading them. Here's a rundown:

Carson: Prophet and Bible

Chad: I am blessed with a loving, dedicated, understanding, beautiful wife

Brooke: I am blessed that Chad and I both have good jobs and that we haven't experienced long periods of unemployment.

Chad: Family & Pets

Carson: Parents and Grandparents

Chad: House

Carson: World

Brooke: I feel blessed when I see Carson show kindness to other people and to animals.

Carson: Books

Brooke: I am blessed that none of our family members have suffered a great illness and that we are all healthy.

Brooke: I am blessed to have a working, healthy body so that I can go RUN!

Carson: House

Brooke: I am blessed that our son is healthy and hasn't suffered anything worse than a cut eye (yet).

Brooke: I am blessed that Heavenly Father has allowed me to raise on of his spirits here on earth. Carson...you're the best!

Chad: A job that I enjoy (most of the time)

Carson: Food

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