Sunday, October 18, 2009

10//18/2009 Baking Bug

I got the baking bug on Sunday and decided to try some new things! My friend Kriste had posted a recipe on her blog a while back for "indestructible bread" and I've been wanting to try it for a long time. I finally gave it a try and it was delicious! Carson loves baking and helping in the kitchen so he loved making bread.
Carson's loaf on the left; mine on the right. I think he did a good job of rolling it out, especially since it was his first time.

I then decided to make an apple pie. Our neighbors had given us some fresh apples off of their tree and they looked perfect for an apple pie. Only problem was that I didn't have any pie crusts, so I decided to make my own crust. I was really intimidated, but I figured, if I put the ingredients together and it makes a dough, it should work, right? So, I gave it a try and it actually worked! I was quite proud and it was quite delicious!

I make such a mess when baking!

More mess!

And yet more...

After baking...a little blurry, but oh, so delicious!

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