Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10/21/2009 Low Gear Sport?

You would think running is a sport for which you don't really need much gear. Put on a pair of shorts, a sports bra (or two), a shirt, socks and shoes and GO, right? Well, now that I am running more often and longer, it's a whole different game. So, here's a run down of all I take with me:My trusty pepper spray! Thanks to Chad and Carson for picking this up for me at Gunnies!
The pedometer. We (Crystal and I) trust in the pedometer to accurately tell us how far (or how short) we have run!

Little good light and isn't too heavy to carry.

My newest gadget! An ergonomic bottle that is easy to carry because you slip it on your hand. My Dad got this for me and I am looking forward to trying it out on my long run this Saturday!

So, there you have it! Sometimes I feel like I need to pull a little trailer behind me for all the crap I take with me, but I need it ALL!

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