Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Mom

My Mom and I at our house in Cottondale, May 1995

My Mom 12.17.2009

Today would have been my Mom's 60th Birthday. Sad as it is that she is not here with us, it's more sad that she's not here for me to give her hell about being 60. People with parents still alive, PLEASE, give them a hard time!! ;)

Okay, in all seriousness, tonight will be the seventh year that Chad, Carson and I have gone to 7-11 for Slurpees to remember her. She loved slurpees and as her cancer treatments progressed and became harder, they were something that she could always enjoy. Chad and I always like to guess what flavor she would get if she were with us.

I've always maintained that just because she has passed away, I will not pretend that she is or was perfect, as people tend to do once someone passes away, though she was pretty close, in my opinion. It still makes me mad that she broke a part of my stove while cooking a dinner I begged her not to cook, after I had Carson. She and I got in a fight nearly every time we went to University Mall because she couldn't stand the way I dressed and couldn't understand why I didn't like the things she liked. However, as time goes on, I do find myself thinking of her in a different way; not perfect, just with more understanding. I think this would have happened whether or not she had passed away or not. Simply a part of me growing up and seeing things through an adult's eyes.

Some things about my mom, in no particular order:

1. Her real name is Vivian. All of you who knew Beth Rowland, guess what. She's Vivian Elizabeth.

2. She was an amazing cook, which is probably why I have to spend much time at the gym now.

3. She loved being a wife and mother.

4. When I was first married, she would call me and say she was going to the grocery store and did I want to come along? Then, she'd buy everything in my cart. It was awesome.

5. She was supportive of me, even when I joined a weird religion and got married in a building that she couldn't come into.

6. Her son-in-law loves her.

7. She sang beautifully.

8. She loved Christmas and was a huge gift giver!

9. She enjoyed teaching school and was an awesome teacher, but she LOVED working at the travel agency after she retired from teaching.

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