Sunday, July 19, 2009

7/19/2009 - Hike to Stewart Falls

On Sunday, July 19, 2009, we went up to Sundance, rode the ski lift up and hiked down to Stewart Falls. It was a beautiful summer day, hot in the sun but cool in the shade.
The ride up the lift was as beautiful as always and I took lots of photos. I love going up to Sundance. It is so peaceful and so close to home. When we leave, I feel like I've been on a vacation! We hopped off the lift at the top and ran "as fast as you can to the right" as we were instruced by the ski lift operator! I still nearly got hit in the rear with the chair. Those things are designed to be skied off of, not run off of!
We got settled with our backpacks and bug spray and sunscreen and we started walking. The hiking went well and the trail was nearly overgrown in some spots.
We got down to the falls and it was beautiful! The water was really crashing down. We took a few photos and then Carson was ready to get in! He was surprised at how cold it was and he jumped right back out at first. But, he wanted to try again and eventually got used to the cold. We crossed over the falls and snacked on pretzels, bananas, almonds, yogurt raisins and granola bars.
I decided to get in then and play in the water with Carson. Chad soon followed and we all had a great time. Carson really loves water.
After drying off our feet and getting our socks and shoes back on, it was time to head back to Sundance. However, Carson still had wet feet because he had walked right through a stream and so his socks and shoes were soaked as well - he didn't care!
Rather than hiking back up to the lift, we went down. Hiking down gives you beautiful views of the falls. I turned around to take a photo at one point and as I turned around to start walking again, I FELL and it was very scary as one of my legs went down the hill! The other one stayed up, though and I stood back up but I was freaked for a moment!
We got back down to the bottom; the trail came out right near the base of the ski lift. After getting our traditional suckers from the Foundry Grill (Carson chose rainbow and I chose butterscotch today), it was time to head home.
What a great Sunday and a fun time spent with family!

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